About us

MY PROJECT strives to become the best Russian engineering company in natural and waste water treatment. We develop our own and master other widely used advanced technologies. We are a leading company in this industry.

We always endeavor to justify the customer's trust, to be the most reliable partner to pleasantly and conveniently work with.

Qualification of our staff and extensive experience of the company (27 years on the wastewater disposal organization market) is the key to successful cooperation with us.


The main value for us is our reputation! For all we may do, we think through and work with feeling.

Our values ​​are not to sell, but to ensure operation of any of our designed and constructed facility.

What’s most important is to bring the work to a positive result! None of our projects gathers dust but works.

The “internal” goal of the company is to ensure our employees be into work and achieve success by doing exactly what they do best.



Creation of a tubular aerator


Establishment of ‘Ecopolymer’ research and production company


Export of Ecopolymer equipment to foreign countries (China, USA, Korea, etc.)


Ecopolymer includes a group of interdisciplinary departments: two divisions for the production of equipment, construction and installation, design and engineering, marketing departments, as well as the logistics and delivery department. The company provides a full range of works in water treatment and disposal.


Changes in trends. A thorough analysis of the company's development showed that Ecopolymer mostly owed its dynamic development to engineering. In order to make the work with the customer as efficient as possible, MY PROJECT, a full-service engineering company, was established.


In recent years, MY PROJECT has proved itself as a reliable general contractor in the implementation of reconstruction and development projects in the industry. A number of its own large-scale projects in such cities as Severodvinsk, Zaostrovie, Naberezhnye Chelny, Domodedovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, etc. have been completed with construction and commissioning. Based on the significant expansion of the line of process equipment by Ecopolymer TME, the experts of MY PROJECT successfully address the tasks of import phase-out in the industry.