Types of work

Design and construction of treatment facilities

MY PROJECT has been engaged in the field of water supply and disposal for more than 30 years. During this time, the company has implemented more than a hundred projects, which include:

  • integrated implementation of turnkey projects: from the provision of engineering and consulting services to the commissioning of facilities;
  • design of facilities of any complexity; development of the necessary documentation for each project subject to the best available techniques;
  • reengineering, modernization and reconstruction of physically obsolete systems, subject to current author's developments and high environmental requirements;
  • setup of industrial processes and equipment  with subsequent warranty and post-warranty service;
  • construction of treatment facilities for industrial enterprises (local and full-cycle);
  • supply of equipment.

The whole set of works can be divided into two main stages: project development (engineering) and project implementation. Each of them involves the activity of a separate team of qualified specialists who guarantee a quality turn-key project. During the implementation of integrated projects, we apply modern principles of project management, which allow us to minimize the time and increase responsibility for the final result.

Design of treatment facilities

Design of water treatment takes into account all the pre-project details, because at this stage it is possible to prevent emergencies, problems and unforeseen expenditure. The introduction of innovative solutions to any water treatment system must meet the requirements of quality and safety – their non-compliance will result in the design of treatment facilities failing the examination. That is why the following works are carried out within the framework of the first stage:

  • study of the facility, problem analysis, comparison of options and the development of the best way for modernization or re-engineering; setting goals and agreeing with the client technical solutions and tasks to be performed within the project;
  • selection of modern equipment for optimal implementation of the process developments;
  • development of the design and estimate documentation for the construction of treatment facilities and passing of subsequent state examination;
  • Calculation of the terms and cost of the project, which are agreed with the client.

Project implementation

After the approval of the project documentation, the second stage begins, which involves the following list of works:

  • construction of treatment facilities as a general contractor includes the selection of subcontractors and construction design supervision;
  • guaranteed supply of equipment of foreign and domestic manufacturers and its installation;
  • during construction, startup and debugging of industrial processes are carried out with mandatory commissioning of equipment and staff training;
  • the whole project is managed by the company's process engineers who evaluate the current state of the work and, if necessary, make adjustments;
  • After completion of the project, customers can expect further warranty maintenance and additional services.

MY PROJECT provides the whole set of works with a guaranteed end-result, which allows our clients to fully trust us and get the finished high-quality result as soon as possible.

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More than 30-year experience in the field of water treatment

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Our team includes Doctor of Engineering and 7 PhDs in Engineering

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