Engineering and Design

Engineering of treatment facilities and equipment

In addition to design works, MY PROJECT JSC provides engineering services to clients based on a large amount of scientific knowledge of our employees - experts in the field of natural and waste water treatment.

These services include:

  • consulting on the optimal selection of necessary equipment, subject to existing process problems;
  • development of the expansion programs and business-plans for re-engineering, reconstruction and modernization of water treatment facilities;
  • study of treatment facilities, drawing up of balance sheets, identification if hidden reserves of the equipment and facilities;
  • calculation of industrial processes based on hydrodynamic, thermodynamic, biochemical and other models and recommendations for optimizing the process regime.

As a rule, the main result of engineering is the subsequent development of design and estimate documentation.

Design of treatment facilities

Pre-project preparation is an intermediate stage between engineering activities and design.

Despite the systematization and standardization of water treatment methods set out in the SNiPs, each treatment plant requires an individual approach, and sometimes even unique process solutions.

The main factors influencing the design quality of treated water are: the quality of the source water, the requirements for treatment, environmental requirements, territorial restrictions and the existing set of facilities and equipment. These factors are different for each object, and pre-design studies establish the relationship between them and the design results.

Pre-project development involves:

  • analysis and statement of problems to be solved by treatment facilities;
  • suggestion of a verified solution or creation of an author's project subject to unique conditions;
  • maximum use of the best available techniques (BAT), having been implemented by MY PROJECT at the level of facilities of international importance.

Development of design documentation for water treatment facilities

MY PROJECT JSC performs any stages of design documentation based on the complexity of the facility:

  • draft design (if necessary for large and sophisticated sewage treatment plants);
  • project stage documentation (approved by the State examination);
  • detailed design for use in construction and installation work;
  • as-built documentation (in case of a turnkey contract).

Our enterprise includes a design department, CPE department, equipment department and process departments that allows executing works of any complexity in a good and prompt manner.

The company ensures compliance with national and international regulatory documents at any stage of the project.

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My project | Engineering and Design My project | Engineering and Design

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My project | Engineering and Design My project | Engineering and Design

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