Equipment supply

Equipment supply

MY PROJECT engineering company offers supply, installation and maintenance of equipment for water treatment plants and facilities.

Long-term experience in the implementation of comprehensive projects allows us to quickly and effectively address the tasks. Our machines and equipment successfully operate at hundreds of facilities - from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka.

Supply of equipment for water treatment plants

  • from unit replacement to complete turn-key furnishing;
  • from direct supply of equipment to a comprehensive project, including the implementation of related engineering and design work, delivery, installation, commissioning, equipment start-up, and staff training;
  • different price ranges;
  • maximum use of domestic technical equipment;
  • for international projects implemented in accordance with special requirements and corporate standards for execution, layout, functional and process characteristics;
  • fund raising and organization of a credit line;
  • different warranty scope - from the manufacturer's standard warranty to the conclusion of a comprehensive service contract for maintenance of the equipment during its entire service life;
  • different level of process functionality - from discrete equipment in the factory packaging to process systems including dozens of equipment with full piping, shut-off valves and control system;
  • different volume and level of automation - from local control to full-scale automated control system with the possibility of remote monitoring and management of the system;
  • different engineering level - from standard deliveries to the customized development of integrated solutions for water and sludge treatment.

For a long time, we have purposefully formed an effective environment and tools for the successful comprehensive supply of equipment.

Main components of the equipment supply environment

  • partnership agreements with dozens of the world's leading manufacturers of process equipment.
  • a professional team of authorized service engineers engaged in installation supervision, start-up and maintenance of the machines and equipment; designated erecting crew.
  • elaborated logistics of equipment supplies: own warehouses in the territory of Russia and the European Union with the availability of components, spare parts and consumables.
  • a full range of work on equipment piping in own assembly shop and delivery of equipment to the customer site as ready-to-operate functional units installed on a single frame.
  • development of control cabinets and full-scale automated process control systems of any complexity.
  • service maintenance of the equipment.

Learn more about the range of process solutions, machines and equipment supplied.

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More than 30-year experience in the field of water treatment

My project | Equipment supply My project | Equipment supply

Our team includes Doctor of Engineering and 7 PhDs in Engineering

My project | Equipment supply My project | Equipment supply

Over 200 scientific papers devoted to the problem of water treatment

My project | Equipment supply My project | Equipment supply

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17 countries worldwide