Most of the existing water supply and disposal facilities do not meet modern quality standards and therefore cannot guarantee uninterrupted and safe operation, and sooner or later cease to meet environmental requirements. The solution to the current situation is the re-engineering of wastewater treatment facilities, which involves a comprehensive change in process solutions with the preservation of basic facilities and equipment in order to improve the quality of treatment.

Qualified process engineers will:

  • assess the current state of the system and propose possible options for changes that can improve quality of treated water;
  • perform multi-optional modeling of the entire treatment plant, taking into account existing restrictions to facilities and territory;
  • determine the need for new construction and additional equipment.

Differences of reengineering from reconstruction:

The main difference is the different purpose and, accordingly, the content of the process:

  • The purpose of reengineering of water treatment plants is to improve the quality of treatment for individual components of the treated liquid; the means for achieving this goal are the redistribution of process flows and the change in the designation or functioning of individual facilities (primary or secondary sedimentation tanks, aerotanks, etc.);
  • The purpose of reconstruction is to increase the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant without a qualitative change in the treatment efficacy, or to reduce energy costs at a constant throughput; a means is usually the replacement of equipment, structural improvements of individual facilities without changing their functional purpose, upgrading of the equipment by its replacement with the new, more efficient one.

Re-engineering usually becomes necessary with increase in the requirements to the quality of water treatment. If at the same time the capacity of the existing plant is reduced, or energy costs rise, then reconstruction of facilities and equipment modernization is carried out simultaneously.

Reengineering advantages

  • improved quality of treated water;
  • introduction of advanced treatment methods;
  • use of existing facilities without building new ones;
  • In most cases, no need for post-treatment;
  • reduced payment for the discharge of insufficiently treated wastewater;
  • an effective and radical renovation of the treatment facilities.

MY PROJECT is ready to provide services involving modernization of treatment facilities, reconstruction and reengineering. Thanks to the qualification and innovative potential of our staff, we have been able to enrich the portfolio with more than hundreds of successful projects that have been implemented for 30 years and have already proved their effectiveness.

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