Conference "Organic waste management: experience and prospects"
20 Февраля 2018
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February 15-16, MY PROJECT took part in the conference "Organic waste management: experience and prospects", in Moscow, with the support of the Council of the Federation Committee of Russia for Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management, and the State Duma Committee for Ecology and Environmental Protection.

The problem of treatment and disposal of sewage sludge continues to be one of the most acute in the treatment plants, and does not have a practical solution at the moment.

2018 may be the year of the beginning of serious legislative changes in the field of sludge processing.

Instead of the concept of "waste management", the term “sludge treatment" is introduced, which also includes the use of its useful properties. Sewage sludge is not a waste, but a secondary material resource.

Within the framework of the conference, a specialized section "Treatment of sewage sludge containing organic substances" was organized, during which the following issues were considered:

  • Economic efficiency of organic waste from water service companies;
  • Promising process solutions in the field of wastewater, sewage sludge and excess sludge treatment;
  • Relevant issues of wastewater treatment for light industry enterprises;
  • Technologies for processing sewage sludge in phosphorus fertilizers and bio-coke;
  • Plasma processing of sludge;
  • Novelties of process equipment for processing sewage sludge into biofuel, feed and fertilizer for agricultural use.

Participating in scientific and practical conferences, MY PROJECT always stays on top of the current scientific and practical problems of the industry.

Conference "Organic waste management: experience and prospects"