Received positive feedback from LLC KrasKom Krasnoyarsk
01 Марта 2019
My project | Received positive feedback from LLC KrasKom Krasnoyarsk

In 2018 two sludge suction scrapers were installed in KrasKom LLC for the Left-Bank and Right-Bank sewage treatment plants of the city of Krasnoyarsk. As part of the contract, the supplier of equipment completed the delivery of equipment, installation supervision and commissioning.

Installation of new equipment does not require reworking of building structures and engineering communications.

The sludge suction scraper’s bridge is made in the form of a riveted spatial truss with increased rigidity of aluminum, which reduced the load on the sides of the settler.

Each receiver has its own receiving pipe, which allows individual control of the sludge flow rate and at the same time provide visual and instrumental control of the density of the sludge mixture.

The operation of the reconstructed septic tanks is carried out from October-November 2018 and their operation in the winter period (at temperatures below -45°C) has shown stable and reliable operation of the entire complex of equipment.

We hope for further fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Feedback from LLC KrasKom Krasnoyarsk