Pumps and mixers

Pumping Equipment

Pumps and pumping equipment are used to create an increased head of liquid at the end point when pumping sewage and other liquids. In some cases, pumps are used for mixing, similar to the scope of the mixer application.

Pumps for water supply, disposal and industrial effluent systems

  • Centrifugal pumps are widely used for pumping liquids in all fields of water treatment technologies;
  • Positive displacement screw pumps are used for pumping small volumes with the formation of a high head: dosing of reagents, pumping sediment, sludge and sand pulp, treatment of industrial wastewater, artesian wells;
  • Positive displacement rotor pumps are used, if necessary, to pump small volumes with the formation of a high head: reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration plants; water pretreatment, water circulation systems;
  • Positive displacement membrane pumps are used in water pretreatment, wastewater treatment for accurate dosing of liquids, pumping of reagents, suspensions and sludge;
  • Horizontal propeller pump is used for suspending and dispersing, as well as recycling municipal and industrial wastewater, sludge and sediments.

Basic requirements for choosing the pumping equipment

The choice of pump is based on the following factors:

  • Process requirements: uniformity or discreteness of supply of pumping medium, submersible or ground, range of capacity control, etc.;
  • Features of the pumped medium: viscosity, abrasiveness, presence of inclusions, etc.;
  • A common hydraulic system the pump is integrated in: pipelines, tanks and their hydraulic characteristics;
  • Operating requirements: pumping volumes, head and power consumption.
  • Energy efficiency: available power source, pump efficiency.
  • Cost: groups of pumps to ensure the required performance, foundation plates; automation systems;
  • Performance characteristics: standard service life, time between overhaul, reliability, cost of power, maintenance and spare parts.

My Project designs and supplies any industrial pumps for water treatment systems.

Pumping equipment is selected on the basis of the data sheet characteristics provided by the manufacturers, taking into account their operation experience. When choosing pumps, their great variety and design features should be taken into account. Therefore, it is extremely important to have relevant work experience and engineering knowledge for design and commissioning.

Experts of MY PROJECT have plenty of experience in design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of pumps produced by leading domestic and world manufacturers. This ensures the right choice and optimal operation of any type of equipment.