Positive Displacement Membrane Pumps

Application of the membrane pumps

Pumps are widely used in the chemical and paint industry, in electroplating, metallurgy, water pretreatment, wastewater treatment and other industries which require accurate dosing of liquids.

Positive Displacement Membrane Pumps

Membrane pump: configuration and operating principle

Like any displacement pump, the membrane pump has a working chamber, which forced volume change ensures the pumping process. Its volume is enclosed between the movable membrane and the fixed body. The inlet and outlet ducts of the working chamber are closed with the check valves preventing the return flow of liquids. The membrane is rigidly connected to the housing, which completely eliminates the presence of any sealing surfaces and any leakage, which ensures a high leak-tightness of the pump. Leakage of pumped medium from the working chamber can occur only in the event of violation of the integrity of the membrane, the body or the joint between them.


  • due to the absence of rubbing and rotating parts, liquids with a high solids content can be pumped;
  • normal operation at dry run;
  • self-priming of even viscous liquids at dry start;
  • highly accurate dosing;
  • compact size;
  • self-priming up to 8 meters;
  • strong and durable design.
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