Positive Displacement Screw Pumps

This type of pumps is used for pumping and dosing various liquids (from liquid to high viscosity and pasty), both clean and containing fibrous and solid inclusions.

Positive Displacement Screw Pumps

These are self-priming positive displacement rotary pumps consisting of a rotating eccentric shaft (screw or rotor) located inside the fixed housing (stator) of the appropriate shape.

Principle of the screw pump operation

These pumps pump the material due to the rotation of the screw and, accordingly, the movement of this material along the axis of rotation of the screw inside the chamber, which is formed by screw grooves, as well as the stator surface. As the screw rotates, the space at the pump inlet increases in volume, creating a vacuum, which in turn leads to the filling of this space with the transported medium.

Advantages of the screw pumps

  • stable pressure;
  • self-priming ability;
  • uniform feeding of the material without jerks and pulsations;
  • when pumping, the structure of the pumped material does not change;
  • adjustable capacity without loss of nominal head;
  • long service life;
  • High efficiency;
  • convenience and ease of maintenance;
  • low noise and vibration level.
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