Sludge Filter Press

The press is used to filter sludge from mechanical impurities and small particles, such as fibers and hair.

Sludge Filter Press

The press includes a feeding zone, a drive zone and a sieving/screening zone, a dewatering zone, and a discharge zone with a pneumatic cone. Feeding is performed using a pump. Sediment under pressure passes through the sieving zone to the subsequent process stages. The solid particles retained on the surface of the screen are transported by means of a screw to the dewatering zone where they are dehydrated and then discharged. The various number of revolutions, the diameter of the screen opening and the geometry of the particle discharge zone allow processing a wide variety of materials. Separation of solid particles occurs continuously under pressure. During the operation of the plant, periodic rinsing of the screening/sieving area is not required.


  • a wide range of applications (sludge of primary sedimentation tanks, excess sludge, sediment of methane tanks, industrial wastewater);
  • STRAINPRESS® system can be integrated in a closed pipeline system;
  • low head loss 0.4 - 0.6 bar;
  • no flushing water required;
  • completely automated process;
  • compact design.
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