Fine and coarse screens can be used both in wastewater pump stations for pumping wastewater and at treatment plants as part of a mechanical treatment unit and are used to retain coarse dispersed impurities from wastewater with subsequent extraction.

Rake Screen

The screens consist of the following main units:

  • a frame;
  • a filter screen;
  • a filter screen cleaning mechanism (for mechanized screens);
  • a rake cleaner;
  • a slide for retained waste;
  • a gear (for mechanized screens).


According to the rod spacing, two types of screens are available:

  • fine screen;
  • coarse screen; 

Rake screens can operate both in manual and automatic mode (mechanized screens) without the participation of maintenance personnel and are fully integrated with the automated control system of any complexity. Waste contained in sewage is retained with a filter cloth that is cleaned automatically or manually by the rakes. The retained waste is removed to the container or to the screw/belt conveyor and then, for further processing (washing and pressing), onto the screw press.

Advantages of the rake screens for treatment plants

  • reduce the load on the following units of treatment plants, thereby increasing the quality of treatment and the efficiency of the treatment plant in general;
  • resistance to mechanical and hydraulic overloads;
  • corrosion resistance to aggressive media;
  • convenience and ease of maintenance;

manual and automatic (for mechanized screens) operation.

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