Vertical Screen

Vertical screens are designed for mechanical treatment of wastewater and removal of waste from underground pumping stations.

Vertical Screen

Vertical screens are installed in the pipeline. Wastewater is filtered through the screen outwards into the suction sump, and the waste collected on the filter cloth is transported by a screw into a container installed on the surface. In the event of a power cut-off or other accident, if the operation of the pumping station cannot stop, an emergency spillway is provided in the screen.

Vertical screens operate in automatic mode without the participation of maintenance personnel. Can be fully integrated with the automated control system of any complexity.

Advantages of the vertical screens

  • combined retention, washings and compaction of waste in one device;
  • high performance and filtration efficiency due to the filtering waste layer;
  • prevent clogging of pumping stations;
  • simple and reliable design;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • fully submersible filter screen.
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