AQUA-TOR disk aerators

Used to saturate wastewater with air oxygen in aeration tanks and bioreactors at the biological treatment plants.

AQUA-TOR disk aerators

AQUA-TOR aerators provide effective saturation of sewage with oxygen and sludge mixing. The unique toroidal form significantly increases the intensity of mixing of the sludge mixture due to the additional airlift effect. This design prevents the effect of "collapse" of the air torch, which is present in traditional disk aerators. It has been experimentally proven that the torus-like design ensures an increase in the mass transfer coefficient by 15-20% compared to an aerator with the same dispersant surface area, but without a central hole.

Material of the membrane: EPDM, Teflon-protected EPDM, silicone, polyurethane - depending on the type and composition of wastewater.

This type of aerators is ideal for systems with a wide range of automatic air supply regulation.

Advantages of the AQUA-TOR membrane disk aerators

  • due to the airlift effect, they have an increased mass transfer efficiency and provide intensive mixing of the sludge mixture;
  • continuous and periodic aeration modes;
  • resistance to aggressive wastewater;
  • colmatation-free membrane;
  • high mass-exchange characteristics;
  • high unit capacity;
  • small-bubble aeration;
  • minimal probability of sewage entering the duct system;
  • simple design, installation and operation.
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