AQUA PRO-M tubular aerators

Used to saturate water with oxygen at wastewater biological treatment stations, fish farms, etc.

AQUA PRO-M tubular aerators

AQUA PRO-M aerators have a rigid ribbed frame and the highest strength characteristics. They work steadily under severe operating conditions - for processing any types of industrial effluent, at interrupted air supply, at significant fluctuations in the flow rates of sewage and air. 8 years without the need for repair and regeneration during operation in aerobic mineralizers and aeration tanks of the pulp and paper plants.

Advantages of AQUA PRO-M tubular aerators

  • uniform air distribution along the length of the aerator;
  • fine bubbled aeration;
  • resistance to hydraulic shocks;
  • no spillway risers required;
  • high mass-transfer characteristics;
  • high reliability and durability;
  • a replaceable dispersing element;
  • simple installation and operation.
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