Scraper systems and sludge exhausters

Scraper systems and sludge exhausters

During treatment of any type of wastewater, a large number of various sedimentations is formed. The predominant method of sedimentation is the precipitation of suspended particles in sedimentation facilities.

Principle of sludge exhauster and sludge scraper operation

The sediment accumulates at the bottom of the facilities, and particles with a density lower than that of water float up to form a film or crust on the surface.

The accumulation of sludge and floating substances creates process problems for the sludge structures themselves and subsequent piping systems and equipment, therefore the sediment must be continuously removed. Removal of the sediment is carried out with the help of special scraper systems, and in the secondary sedimentation tanks - with the help of sludge exhausters due to a slight difference in the densities of sludge and water.

Sedimentation facilities can be rectangular or circular, for each of which specific scraper systems are used.

Sludge exhausters are designed to remove sediment from the bottom of the facility and floating substances from the surface. The scrapers can be produced for the sedimentation tanks of different diameters.

Grit removal scraper systems are designed to remove bottom sediments and floating substances from the rectangular horizontal facilities.

Scope of application of the scraper systems and sludge exhausters

  • grit removals;
  • primary sedimentation tanks;
  • secondary sedimentation tanks;
  • sludge thickeners.

Requirements for the scraper systems and sludge exhausters

  • The windage area of the bridge must be as small as possible to avoid the creation of additional force under wind load, which leads to a slippage of the wheels of the drive cart.
  • The units must be equipped with snow blowers.
  • The load on the track of the radial settler should be minimized subject to the minimum load required to ensure traction of the drive wheel of the cart to the surface of the track in the winter season.
  • The weight of the rotating elements of the equipment should not affect the bottom of the sedimentation tank.
  • The central support must be made with a thrust bearing of large diameter.
  • The floating material collection unit should provide for a uniform and simultaneous collection of floating substances along the radius of the entire sedimentation tank surface; the design of the sludge exhauster should allow for individual control of the flow of each sink and the extraction of collected sludge into a central bowl using a siphon water conduit and a vacuum pump.

The equipment for the sedimentation tanks - sludge exhausters and scrapers, offered by My Project, meets all specified requirements.


  • scrapers with elastic straps;
  • increased wear and corrosion resistance;
  • lightweight structure due to polymer materials;
  • manufacturing of customized sizes;
  • highly reliable design;
  • scraper blade cleaning;
  • anti-slip flooring on the mobile farm;
  • the possibility of installation of flow rate measurement equipment.