Scrapping system for sludge thickeners

Used in biological treatment systems for industrial and domestic wastewater in sludge thickeners.


Better compaction of biological sludge in radial sludge thickeners equipped with scrapers is due to mixing of activated sludge during its thickening. Mixing reduces the viscosity of the biological sludge and its electrokinetic potential, which contributes to better flocculation and sedimentation of the sludge, therefore it is recommended to use thickeners equipped with rotating rod mixers.

The scraper systems also ensure:

  • shift of the compacted sludge to the central pit using scraper plates located in the form of “blinds" on the inclined bottom;
  • easier isolation of interparticle water and gas bubbles by means of a vertical harrow attached to the rotating device.


  • corrosion resistance;
  • reliable design.
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