Screw Conveyor

Scope of the screw conveyor application

Used for collecting and transporting waste from the screens, dehydrated sludge and other bulk materials, for example at wastewater pumping stations or at wastewater treatment plants.

Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyors (augers) are devices for transporting and mixing various types of cargos in a horizontal and inclined plane.

Principle of operation and arrangement of screw (auger) conveyors.

The transported material enters the hopper of the screw conveyor and moves along the housing chute due to the rotation of the axle-less spiral shaft. Having reached the discharge opening, the transported material is discharged into the reservoir installed underneath it. The housing of the screw conveyor is made of separate unified sections in the form of a semicircular trough and has a lining of replaceable liners made of wear-resistant plastic. The body includes an axial screw rotating by means of a gear motor. The transported material is fed through feed hoppers, and discharged through a discharge pipe. The conveyor can be unloaded downward or in the axial direction. In terms of functions performed, the unified sections can be transport, feeding and discharging;

The unified conveyor supports are height-adjustable and can be attached to the housing anywhere during installation.

The conveyor is fully automated and adapted to operation with other types of equipment making part of the wastewater preliminary mechanical treatment plant.

Advantages of the screw conveyors

  • corrosion resistance;
  • reliable design;
  • use of an axle-less spiral shaft avoids its clogging;
  • completely enclosed design of the screw conveyor, preventing the spread of odors;
  • full automation and synchronization of operation with the associated equipment (for example, with the screens).

The necessity of using a screw conveyor is determined in the design of wastewater pretreatment plants, based on the design of the screens, the type of waste and the layout constraints.

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