Screw press

Used to reduce the volume and humidity of coarse waste retained on the screen.


Coarse waste retained on the screen is supplied to the slowly rotating screw, which moves it to the pressing zone. Water is also supplied to this zone to wash the waste, and rinse the remains of organic impurities therefrom. The operation cycle is controlled by the control system, depending on the composition of the waste. Further, the press conveys the washed and dewatered waste through the discharge pipe into the refuse collection container. Flushing water with washed organic impurities is discharged to the sewage stream.


  • high degree of dehydration, reduction of volume and weight;
  • preservation of organic substances in wastewater thanks to the waste washing function;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • full automation and synchronization of operation with the associated equipment (for example, with a conveyor).
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