Disc sludge thickener

Thickeners are designed for thickening of wastewater sludge, sediments formed in the process of water pretreatment, as well as industrial sediments.

Disc sludge thickener

The disk sludge thickener is a cylindrical, inclined structure. In a cylindrical tank of stainless steel, a rotating perforated plate is fixed with a stainless steel strainer stretched through. The perforated plate divides the installation tank into a thickening zone (working area) and a filtration zone.

Principle of disc sludge thickener operation

The coagulated sediment flows from the flocculation reactor to the filter plate of the thickener and is evenly distributed through the filtering bed with the help of a guiding shield. Sludge flakes settle on the surface of the mesh, and the filtrate flows through the holes of the sieve into the filtrate collecting zone and is drained out of the tank.


  • decrease in sludge volume up to 90%;
  • compact design;
  • high wear resistance of the filter sieve;
  • completely closed structure, preventing the spread of odors;
  • noise level <68 dB;
  • low power consumption;
  • low coagulant consumption;
  • simple operation.
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