Flotation thickener

The flotation thickeners are designed for thickening of wastewater sludge, sediments formed in the process of water pretreatment, as well as industrial sediments.


The flocculation method of sludge thickening in comparison with gravity compaction allows reducing the duration of compaction and the volume of structures for sludge concentration. Excess biological sludge is supplied to the saturator, where it is saturated with air. When the sludge saturated with air enters the flotation vessel, air bubbles are released and it floats to the surface from where it is removed by special collectors. The use of a flotation unit as an equipment for thickening the sludge will result in effective sludge thickening and moisture content much lower than with gravity thickening. In addition, the sludge is saturated with oxygen, and its retention time in the equipment is only a few minutes, which avoids the creation of anaerobic conditions.


  • short retention period in the flotation unit;
  • high thickening degree;
  • small volumes in comparison with the gravity thickener.
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