Gravity thickener

The thickeners are designed for thickening of wastewater sludge, sediments formed in the process of water pretreatment, as well as industrial sediments.


The method of sludge compaction by gravity is the simplest way to reduce sludge moisture with minimal energy consumption. Excess biological sludge is fed directly to the radial sludge thickener with the addition of a flocculant solution. The sludge thickener is equipped with a slowly rotating scraper equipped with an agitator, which breaks the bonds between sludge particles, increasing sedimentation and concentration of compacted sludge. The application of sludge exhauster with an agitator will effectively thicken and remove sludge and eliminate the occurrence of anaerobic zones in the bottom part of the thickener.


  • low power consumption;
  • ease of maintenance.
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