Belt sludge thickener

Thickeners are designed for thickening of wastewater sludge, sediments formed in the process of water pretreatment, as well as industrial sediments.

Belt sludge thickener

A gravity belt thickener is a continuous-action device that operates on the principle of filtering by gravity. The prepared sediment comes from the flocculator through the feed hopper and is smoothly laid out on the filter belt over the tensioning (guiding) shaft. As the belt moves to the drive shaft, the phases are separated due to gravity. The water released by coagulation freely flows through the cellular structure of the filter belt, and the solid phase (coagulated flakes) remains on the belt. Near the drive shaft, the thickened sediment is removed from the belt by a plastic scraper.


  • low coagulant consumption;
  • high degree of the sediment thickening;
  • separate collection of flushing water and filtrate;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • completely automated thickening process.
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