Screw sludge thickener

Thickeners are designed for thickening of wastewater sludge, sediments formed in the process of water pretreatment, as well as industrial sediments.

Screw sludge thickener

Screw thickeners for excess biological sludge are an inclined wedge-shaped cylindrical slow-rotating blade. Mixing and sludge removal is performed by a screw located in the center of the thickener.

Principle of the screw thickener operation

Slowly rotating and stirring the sediment, the screw moves it upward along a cylindrical sieve. Sludge water is filtered through a sieve and drained out of the thickener. The moisture content of the compacted sludge can be regulated by means of a plate installed on the discharge funnel. The use of screw thickeners makes it possible to obtain the moisture of compacted sludge equal to that of the flotation unit, but their unit capacity is limited, which increases the necessary number of operating units.

Advantages of the screw thickener

  • decrease in sludge volume up to 90%;
  • robust stainless-steel structure;
  • high wear resistance;
  • completely closed structure, preventing the spread of odors;
  • noise level <68 dB;
  • low power consumption.
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