Water intake treatment plants

  • drinking water treatment systems;
  • cooling water treatment systems for power plants;
  • process water treatment systems for industrial and chemical plants;
  • water treatment systems for desalination and irrigation plants.

Water intake treatment plants

Water intake facilities is one of the most expensive and most critical components of the water supply system, which to a large extent determines the supply of water to consumers.

The classic water intake system is a system of hydraulic structures used for water intake from a source of water supply, its preliminary purification by straining the water through the screens and microfilters and feeding under the necessary pressure into the water lines to the consumer or to the water treatment plant. The two- and three-stage treatment water intake systems are available.


  • used both at the first stage of treatment (the width of the screen gaps is 30-100 mm) and at the second (2-30 mm);
  • fully automated percolators;
  • design dimensions of the percolators are selected based on the flow, the type of waste, the material requirements, etc.;
  • service life – minimum 35 years;
  • strong and durable design;
  • ease of maintenance.
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