Wastewater treatment technologies

The current trends in the field of water treatment place ever higher demands on the effectiveness of technical solutions, the timing of project implementation, reliability, energy efficiency and waste-free solutions, as well as risk management and the life cycle of facilities.

MY PROJECT implements integrated highly effective water and wastewater treatment technologies and solutions in the field of sludge treatment based on the principles of the best available techniques - a combination of high efficiency, low operating costs and ease of operation.

Our portfolio includes many years of experience of our own engineering developments and design solutions, successful cooperation with partners - world leaders in the field of engineering and equipment manufacturers. All this allows us today to offer you completely new solutions - MY PROJECT technologies. Our modular technologies are detailed process modules covering one or several stages of water treatment.

Developing MY PROJECT technologies, we set ourselves the task of creating universal process solutions adaptable to specific projects. Our technologies demonstrate outstanding process and operational results and unite the experience of MY PROJECT team and latest world achievements in the field of water and sludge treatment.

MY PROJECT technologies provide you:

  • Guarantee of achievement of process indicators. Our solutions are based on many years of experience in the development of technical solutions and operation of the facilities.
  • Optimal OPEX&CAPEX ratio. Our solutions have clear investment, financial and operational indicators before the design stage. We are always ready to offer the option of equipment configuration with different price ranges.
  • Minimal period of project implementation. Our base of ready design and process modules provides the minimal design terms. Due to the combination of the stages of design, configuration and delivery of equipment, as well as the construction phase, we minimize the overall period of project implementation.
Why to choose us?
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More than 30-year experience in the field of water treatment

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Our team includes Doctor of Engineering and 7 PhDs in Engineering

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Over 200 scientific papers devoted to the problem of water treatment

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We are present in

17 countries worldwide