Sludge Treatment

Wastewater sludge treatment

MY PROJECT has a vast experience in the treatment of sediment and sludge of both domestic and industrial wastewater, as well as water treatment sludge.

MY SHLUM wastewater sludge treatment technology

Long experience of our experts in the field of sludge dewatering, as well as the perfect knowledge of modern technologies in this industry has resulted in our own technology, combining in detail the advanced modern standard solutions with unique innovative developments - MY SHLUM technology.

Process description

MY SHLUM is a system of detailed process units covering one or several stages of sludge treatment.

MY SHLUM technology is:

  • long experience in sludge treatment;
  • modern process solutions;
  • high-performance quality equipment;
  • available automated monitoring and control system;
  • simple and reliable operation;
  • environmental friendliness and safety in everything.

MY SHLUM: types, areas

Based on the purpose of the sludge treatment and the requirements for the final product, MY SHLUM has several areas identified:

  • compaction/thickening technology for low-concentrated sludge, with minimal capital and operating costs;
  • energy-efficient technology of mechanical dewatering, which allows reducing the amount of treated sludge by 8-10 times;
  • Highly efficient technology for stabilizing sludge with biogas production;
  • eco-friendly and safe drying technology with maximum use of the thermal energy of sludge.

The first stage in sludge treatment  is the sludge compaction and thickening technology.

This technology allows:

  • reducing costs for further stages of fermentation, disinfection and dewatering;
  • reducing the phosphorus content in recycled sludge water and minimizing the negative impact on the wastewater biological treatment unit.

An attractive area in sludge treatment is the process of microbiological decomposition of organic matter in the absence of oxygen with the release of biogas.

This technology allows:

  • choosing the most effective fermentation regime;
  • preparing sludge for further treatment;
  • producing biogas.

The greatest value in the production process of sludge treatment is mechanical dewatering.

This technology allows:

  • selecting the equipment for mechanical dewatering of sludge based on the requirements for the final product;
  • obtaining a stabilized product with a humidity of 70-80%;
  • obtaining high quality of the effluent/filtrate;
  • minimizing capital and operating costs.

The final stage in sludge treatment can be considered thermal drying.

The heat-treated sludge after drying is a disinfected, stable bulk material.

This technology allows:

  • using the cheapest and most convenient way of obtaining heat energy;
  • obtaining a stable dry product, ready for further use;
  • maximally using heat energy required for the drying process;
  • considering all economic, social and environmental aspects.
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