Water Treatment

Water treatment technologies

Water treatment is one of the most demanded activities of MY PROJECT engineering company, which implements a complex of technical and process measures aimed at bringing the qualitative composition of water of various origin in compliance with the requirements for the possibility of its targeted use.

MY PROJECT has a number of unique technologies for purification, treatment and conditioning of water with different initial quality for the following purposes:

  • Drinking.
  • Technical and household.
  • Power (for steam boilers and power plants).
  • Food and brewing.
  • Production and pharmaceutical.
  • My Demin – demineralization and softening of water of various origin.
  • My AF - clarification of low-turbidity and highly colored water.
  • MY REUSE - treatment and disposal of flushing water and sludge of water treatment plants.
  • MY FeR - reduction of iron and manganese content in water of various origin.
  • MY Aqua F - a range of filter technologies based on modern hardware.

MY PROJECT brand technologies in water treatment:

MY PROJECT engineering company provides a wide range of water treatment services, including:

  • Technical and economic audit of the water treatment system, laboratory surveys and full-scale observations, analysis of the current situation, identification of bottlenecks and problematic aspects causing increased expenditure and affecting the quality of the final product.
  • Selection and economic justification of the concept and the main process scheme of water treatment, assessment of capital and operating costs, resource requirements, production cost, and payback periods.
  • Development of technical and economic measures aimed at optimizing costs and ensuring the most effective operation of the water treatment system.
  • Development of a design project, project, detailed design, adjustment, updating and adaptation of existing design documentation to existing legislation, approval of design documentation by public services, including the passage of state examination.
  • Implementation of the project, including a full range of construction and installation works on a turnkey basis, construction supervision, supervision installation.
  • Supply of equipment, its connection and commissioning.
  • Process adjustment of the entire water treatment line and its separate units, reaching of design performance indicators.
  • Post-project support, including advice and recommendations on the organization of effective operation of the water treatment system and its individual units, on-site operating staff training, remote technical support on current issues.
  • Warranty and post-warranty support of the equipment and technologies.

Many years of work in the field of water treatment gave MY PROJECT valuable experience, resource and intellectual potential for implementing tasks of various complexity and scale ranging from the delivery of a simple block filter station to the turnkey construction of a high-tech high capacity line.

Experience and professionalism, rational and responsible approach, based on advanced development, as well as high-quality performance of works – all this is the key to our success in implementing high-tech and efficient projects.

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