Design Organizations

Dear representatives of design organizations!

We deal with the same important and difficult work as you do – the design of water and wastewater treatment systems. Thanks to our projects, new wastewater treatment plants are built and upgraded, contributing to cleaner rivers and water bodies, and providing the population with clean water. You and our company are entrusted with the most important mission - protecting the environment and water resources, thus we offer you mutually beneficial cooperation in achieving our common goals.

Due to vast experience in design and successful implementation of several dozens of projects of construction and reconstruction of wastewater treatment plants, the engineers of MY PROJECT thoroughly know all the difficulties they face in the design: these are extremely stringent, constantly increasing requirements for water treatment, high concentrations of pollutants in the source water, constrained areas for construction, climatic and geological features of the terrain, various requirements and wishes of the customer (not always feasible), deadlines, specific design estimates approved by the examination bodies, and many other problems.

We will help you successfully cope with all the difficulties in the design process: in the shortest possible time we will execute the process part of the project, select equipment, provide documentation, installation drawings and make layout, perform all necessary calculations, and provide qualified consulting support. MY PROJECT has serious engineering resources - 70 designers and process engineers, which allows us to carry out not only our projects, but also to provide subcontracting to our colleagues from other project organizations. 

MY PROJECT is an innovative company applying the high-end and energy efficient water treatment technologies. For example, for Kargill LLC we carried out the reconstruction of biological treatment plant for industrial wastewater using an anaerobic membrane bioreactor (the first in Russia). We also actively implement the MBR technology, which has served as the basis for the conducted construction of wastewater treatment plants for PepsiCo, Tambov Turkey (Cherkizovo Group), Shchekinoazot OJSC, and a number of local treatment plants for the Novaya Moskva district.