Wastewater ultra- and microfiltration units

Membrane units are widely used in the water treatment industry, since they can be applied both for removing relatively large formations - dispersed and large colloidal impurities, and for recovering small colloidal particles and dissolved compounds.

Wastewater ultra- and microfiltration units

The microfiltration / ultrafiltration unit is a compact, functionally complete module. The main module equipment, instrumentation, piping, control and shut-off valves are mounted on a metal frame. Automatic control over the switching of the modes of operation of the module is provided by the controller and the set of automatic valves. The module operates in a batch mode, the main mode is filtration, where treated water is supplied to the UV permeate collector. Periodically, it is necessary to flush the membrane module, which is carried out automatically. In addition, the module is disconnected periodically from the filtering process and a chemical flushing of the module is carried out manually using the CIP-station. The frequency of flushing, as well as the list of reagents used for flushing, depends on the quality of the treated water.

Micro- and ultrafiltration membranes have pores with a diameter from 1 to 0.05 microns (1 μm = 10-6 m) and operate normally at pressures of 2-5 bar. The units are supplied in a complete set and include pumping and dosing equipment, reverse and chemical flushing systems for membrane modules, and automated process control systems.

Scope of application:

  • Micro- and ultrafiltration units are used to clarify water (retention of suspended solids and colloids), as a reliable preparation for reverse osmosis and ion exchange, effective deep wastewater treatment. They ensure high quality of water, obtained from surface and ground water of the most complex composition, which meets the requirements for drinking water;
  • replacement of traditional coagulation and mechanical granular filtration with ultrafiltration ensures better quality of clarified water, reduces the load on subsequent units (reverse osmosis unit, ion exchange filter) and, as a result, improves technical and economic indicators of the water treatment system;
  • micro- and ultrafiltration units ensure high efficiency of removing various contaminants from wastewater. The achieved degree of purification allows the treated wastewater to be discharged into fishery water bodies, or returned to production for reuse;
  • micro- and ultrafiltration units are used for treatment of flushing water of clarifying filters, ensuring an increase in the degree of water use up to 99.8%;
  • micro- and ultrafiltration units are a physical barrier for microorganisms (99.9999%) and viruses (99.99%), and are used to remove bacteria and viruses from drinking water.


  • effective at working pressure of only 1-2 bar;
  • low amount of reagents used during washing;
  • completely automated process;
  • completely preserves the salt composition of natural water.
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