Belt strainer

  • natural water filtration (pretreatment);
  • filtration of municipal wastewater (instead of primary sedimentation);
  • thickening of the sediment of primary sedimentation tanks;
  • storm water treatment.

Belt strainer

The belt straineris used to clarify the water and isolate solid inclusions from it. Filtering is done through a filter cloth. All parts in contact with the working medium are made of stainless steel.

The treated water is fed to the top of the filter and evenly distributed over the entire width of the filter belt. During filtering, the belt accumulates the suspended solids and an increase in hydraulic resistance occurs. In this case, the water level in the upper chamber begins to increase. If a certain level of water is exceeded, the gear motor is activated and the filter belt, together with the retained impurities, moves out of the container and is then cleaned by blowing.

The presented unit can be completed with the device of compulsory filtration (vacuum unit), and a screw thickener.


  • reduction of capital costs by 30-60%;
  • reduction of the occupied area up to 1/10 of the usual;
  • integration of sludge thickening and dewatering processes;
  • Significant cost reduction in terms of service life;
  • reduced sediment volume reduces disposal costs;
  • minimization of construction work (no need for the construction of concrete tanks);
  • more complete removal of suspended solids (>50%) and BOD (>20%) and the ability to design systems with removal of suspended solids up to 80%;
  • the resulting primary sediment has a higher energy value;
  • completely automated equipment;
  • fast and convenient maintenance;
  • lower operating costs (no chemicals required).
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