Scope of Activity

The history of MY PROJECT JSC (formerly Ecopolymer-M CJSC) is a 30 year sequential evolution from the manufacturer of aeration systems to a large engineering company.

The scope of activity of MY PROJECT covers all aspects of natural and wastewater treatment technologies, as well as the processing of the resulting waste and sludge:

  • water treatment (treatment of drinking water and water for technical and process purposes, including high quality water with low content of salts and organic substances, purification of natural underground and surface water, including low-turbidity and highly colored water, treatment of water in return water supply systems of enterprises and return washing water of filter stations);
  • municipal wastewater treatment (removal of suspended solids, organic compounds, biogenic components, post-treatment and decontamination by ultraviolet radiation) using modern equipment made of corrosion-resistant materials. All projects use the best available technologies, including nitri-denitrification and phosphorus compound removal technology, modern high-performance equipment and process automation systems. During the reconstruction, the re-engineering schemes are developed with minimal capital expenditures for new construction.
  • treatment of industrial wastewater of food, pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical and other industries with guarantees of achieving the quality standards of fishery water bodies or water bodies of international standards (for example, the Baltic region);
  • treatment of sludge of natural, domestic and industrial wastewater up to any humidity, with its placing at high-efficiency sludge drying beds, treatment with filter presses and centrifuges, drying and burning.

The plants of our design perform treatment of more than 30 million m3 of wastewater per day. We have customers from 17 countries worldwide.