Rotor screw air blowers

This type of industrial rotary blower is widely used in water pretreatment and wastewater treatment plants to meet the need for air in various process units. Used to provide a capacity of up to 10,000 m3/h

Rotor screw air blowers

The principle of operation of rotary blowers is based on the symmetrical rotation of the two rotors in opposite directions. Geared rotors have a minimum clearance. Synchronization of rotation occurs with the help of a pair of gears rigidly fixed on the rotors. The gears and bearings are in oil baths. The drive is carried out by means of an electric motor through a belt drive or a shaft.

The screw compressor is a two-shaft rotary-piston unit, operating on the principle of internal compression. The fed medium during the movement from the exhausting to the delivery branch is compressed in continuously decreasing chambers to the final pressure and finally pushed out through the discharge pipe.

Advantages of the rotor screw air blowers

  • highly reliable operation;
  • free of pulsations of compressed air;
  • low noise ad vibration level;
  • low operating costs;
  • simple installation and operation;
  • small overall dimensions;
  • high energy efficiency and long service life.
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