Vertical mixers

  • for emulsifying, suspending and dispersing, as well as recycling of sludge and sediments;
  • giving a uniform temperature and the necessary consistency to the liquid or mixture;
  • at water pretreatment and wastewater treatment plants for mixing products of different viscosity.

Vertical mixers

Vertical paddle-type mixers (with speeds less than 100 rpm) are used mainly in municipal and industrial wastewater, sludge and sediment treatment plants, as well as in biogas generation plants. The suspended-type and top-fixed mixers are used in round tanks with overlapping, for example, methane tanks.

Design features and advantages

  • the vertical mixer is equipped with one or two polyurethane banana-type blades, if the mixed liquid contains fibers or rags;
  • several stainless steel impellers with 3 stainless steel blades can also be installed to mix sludge liquid and sludge;
  • improved self-cleaning design of impellers;
  • easy installation, erection and long service life;
  • modular-type structure with different design features of mixing impellers;
  • the length of the shaft adapts to the required depth of the tank;
  • vertical mixers have low energy consumption due to the unique hydrodynamic shapes of the blades;
  • mixers with long shafts are installed on the lower support bearings.
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