Static Mixers

Static mixers are widely used for mixing flows in pipelines in various industries.

Static Mixers

Static mixers are pipes with internal inclined partitions, which provide effective mixing of liquids. The required mixing quality, at acceptable power consumption determined by the hydraulic resistance of the mixer, is achieved due to varying number of partitions, the angle and direction of the screw surface of these partitions, the length of the partitions and the mixing chamber.

Static mixers are made for specific conditions of the working environment, subject to the configuration of the pipeline.

Connection to the pipeline is performed by means of flanges or welding.

Separate mixing elements can be designed to install directly inside the medium transporting pipe.

Advantages of the static mixers

  • continuous mixing process;
  • absence of moving parts;
  • tightness;
  • requires no power supply;
  • application with different pipeline diameters;
  • low maintenance need;
  • ease of installation and cleaning.
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