Drum filters for water treatment

Drum filters are used to treat large volumes of natural and waste water from suspended particles with a screening threshold of 10-1000 μm.

Drum filters for water treatment

The unit is an autonomous reservoir with a perforated drum installed therein.

Principle of the drum filter operation

The treated water is filtered from the inside out, the impurities accumulate on the inner surface of the drum. Periodically, the washing system is activated and the contamination from the walls of the filter drum is washed off. Contaminated water is removed from the unit. The unit is supplied complete, equipped with a washing system, a level control system and a control cabinet.


  • high degree of treatment;
  • constant filtrate quality with continuous filtration process;
  • robust, reliable and easy-to-maintain design;
  • an extensive selectivity range - screening threshold is 10-1000 μm;
  • high capacity up to 3500 m3/h.
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