Cloth filters for water treatment

Self-cleaning cloth filters are used to treat municipal and industrial wastewater from suspended particles by filtration, providing a high extraction efficiency of suspended solids, comparable to granular filters.

Cloth filters for water treatment

The cloth filter operates according to the well-known principle of gravity disc filters. The installation consists of rotating filter discs fixed to a horizontal hollow shaft. Each disc is covered with a filter cloth (microfiber). Vertical installation of filter discs minimizes the occupied space and simplifies the regeneration of the filter cloth.

The processed water enters the tank, and then is filtered through the cloth coating from the outside to the inside and is removed through the collector from the structure. Periodically the filter cloth is regenerated.

Cleaning of the filtering cloth coating is implemented according to the principle of the vacuum cleaner: on the outside of each disc there is a "shoe" (headband). When washing, the discs start to spin. Inside the "shoes" a vacuum is created. This makes water with contaminants rush into the "shoe".

Cloth filters can be installed both in a reinforced concrete tank and in a factory stainless steel tank.

Due to the modular design of the unit, as well as the extensive filtering surface of the disc filters, the unit capacity is significantly increased. During filtration, suspended and organic substances are retained on the cloth coating of the discs, the BOD/COD values significantly decrease.


  • filtration by gravity with very high suspended matter retention efficiency of ~ 95%;
  • backwashing (regeneration) of the filter cloth is done without the use of blowers and wash water pumps;
  • no chemicals required for regeneration;
  • the maximum pressure loss does not exceed 200-300 mm;
  • the unit is made of stainless steel and polymer materials, which ensures its long service life;
  • the design of the filter discs provides for a simple and quick replacement of the filter cloth;
  • once installed filter does not require its removal to replace filter cloths;
  • high capacity with small installation space.
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