Sludge exhausters

The sludge exhausters are used in biological treatment systems for industrial and domestic wastewater in secondary sedimentation tanks to remove biological sludge.

Sludge exhausters

A sludge exhauster consists of a truss with a mechanism for removing biological sludge, a central support located concentrically in a circular path, and a drive system. The truss is the main bearing structure of the sludge exhauster, on which the scraping-exhausting mechanism of biological sludge removal is fixed, and is made in the form of a bridge for transition to the central support. At the outer end of the truss, a drive is mounted with a roller moving along the upper support platform of the sedimentation tank. A sludge exhauster drive is driven through a geared motor, gear transmission and wheel. The operating part of the sludge exhauster is the drainage pipes connected to the discharge pipes. The sludge exhausting pipes are equipped with scrapers, the rubber plates of which must lie with their entire length to the bottom of the sedimentation tank. The inlet openings of the exhausters of the exhausting pipes are located in the direction of the sludge exhauster rotation. The sludge exhausters can be produced for sedimentation tanks of different diameters. All elements of the sludge exhausters are made of corrosion-resistant materials.


  • corrosion resistance;
  • scraper blade cleaning (option)
  • anti-slip flooring on the mobile truss;
  • warming of the siphon dome in winter;
  • the possibility of installation of flow rate measurement equipment.
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